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Is Payroll Outsourcing for you? If you're a New Zealand business owner or business manager and you want more time freedom and less stress, then  go ahead and talk to us now about outsourcing the payroll services function in your business.  Here's why:

We take care of everything - the data entry, banking, payslips, filing with the NZ IRD and all the reporting .

This means you get the freedom to choose how to spend your time.  Maybe leisure.  Saving money while allowing  you to grow your business is what help you achieve.

And you won't have all the hassles and stress of setting up a payroll system or managing a payroll  process. We'll manage it in a friendly, affordable way. We're a NZ wide, one-stop, no fuss and confidential payroll solution.

Let us help you now.  Take the first step by requesting free and confidential payroll services information from us.

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Time Clocks

Take your payroll system to the next level. A Lauranka time clock you will save time and money - and give you the accuracy you need.

Your time clock can record your employees' hours directly on to your PC, a swipe card terminal or a biometric fingerscan terminal. It will calculate all the hours of work automatically, ready for payroll.

Find out more about improving accuracy and saving time with Lauranka

What our clients are saying about us

"It's knowing that it's done and done correctly in an accurate and timely manner. It is very convenient" - Nic Collins Beacon Pathway,

"You guys are great" - Linda Thompson NZRPG Management Ltd,

"It's really working for us...don't know why they didn't use you years ago" - Jackie Crawford Potter Interior Systems,

"It saves time and worry" Ali Chamberlain - Ali's Celebration Cakes,

"It's the best thing I did" - Deb McCarthy Circle Line Engineering,

"Seasonz is New Zealand's leading luxury inbound travel company. We have been a client of The Paymasters for 18 months and I am delighted to recommend their services. Jenny and her team are thoroughly professional and take all the stress out of payroll processing. I look forward to our ongoing partnership" - Matt Lines Seasonz.

"Our transition to The Paymasters has been smooth and painless. Jenny and her team offer a timely, accurate and thorough service and are a great source for advice and ideas for process and reporting improvements. Thoroughly recommended." Adrian Suckling HP Industries.

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