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You can have confidence with PayMastersPayMasters has been selling and providing a consultancy service for payroll software since 2000, and have been providing a payroll outsourcing service for the past ten years. We are committed to providing a quality, cost-effective payroll outsourcing services to organisations of all sizes.

Time and Attendance

PayMasters can also assist you with a further enhancement of your payroll process by interfacing a Lauranka time clock system.  This is an optional extra that just might be what your business needs for more accurate time keeping.  Your time clock can record your employees’ hours directly on to your PC, a swipe card terminal or a biometric finger scan terminal.  It will calculate all the hours of work automatically, ready for payroll.

How it Works

Processing the pay

We complete the data entry into one of our two purpose built payroll software programmes – which programme used will depend on your specific payroll and reporting requirements.

You are fully informed

Each pay run we will send checking reports for approval. Once approved, we will complete the pay run and will provide the final payroll reports you have pre-selected.

All payroll information is confidential and we will only disclose this information to contacts within your company that you approve. In addition, all payroll reports are password protected restricting access to sensitive information.


If you would like us to organise the banking to pay your employees we can do that too. Every pay period, all wages and scheduled payments will be deducted safely and securely from your account straight to your employees account.

If you prefer, we can also email you a bank file for you to upload to your own banking software.

IRD Reporting

We can file your IRD returns & bank your IRD payments

Payslips and Online Employee Self Service

Password protected payslips are automatically emailed to your employees, however other options are available. In addition, our standard Employee Self Service allows employees to apply for leave online and to view their leave balances and payslip history.


Employers are required to deduct student loan repayments through the PAYE system when an employee completes a Tax code declaration (IR 330) using one of these codes: M SL, ME SL, S SL, SH SL, SB SL or ST SL.

Employees with student loans who only have one main job should use the M SL or ME SL tax code.

This code includes student loan deductions which are set at 12 cents in the dollar for every dollar earned over the repayment threshold:

Threshold period

Threshold 1 Apr 2018 to 31 Mar 2019

Threshold 1 Apr 2019 to 31 Mar 2020














Four weekly








Employers also need to deduct student loan repayments at this rate from redundancy and lump sum payments.


The minimum wage rates are reviewed every year (if increased it will happen on the 1st April). The adult minimum wage rates (before tax) that apply for employees aged 16 or over are:

Minimum wage rates from 1st April 2019 to 31 March 2020:

1st Apr 2019-31 Mar 2020




Starting Out Wage Workers & Training

The minimum rates that apply to starting-out workers, and employees on the training minimum wage (before tax), are:

1st Apr 2019-31 Mar 2020




2018 New Zealand Payroll Tax Changes

New Minimum Wage Rates

The adult minimum wage rate will increase from $15.75 to $16.50 (before tax) an hour.

The starting-out wage and training minimum wage will also increase from $12.60 to $13.20 (before tax) an hour.

ACC Earner Levy Rate

The Earner Levy Rate for the 2018 tax year will remain at $1.39 for every $100 of liable.

ACC Earner Levy Maximum Liable Earnings:

The maximum liable earnings for the ACC Earner levy will increase from $124,053 to $126,286 for all pay periods paid on or after the 1st of April 2018. Any income above $126,286 will not be subject to the ACC Earner Levy.

Student Loans

The annual Student Loan repayment threshold has increased to $19,448. This is the level above which Student Loan deductions will be taken. This is broken down to pay period threshold amounts in the following table.

If you’re paid:                                        Your repayment threshold is:

Weekly                                                $374.00

Fortnightly                                           $748.00

Four-Weekly                                        $1,496.00

Monthly                                               $1,620.66

Annual                                                $19,448.00


Payroll Outsourcing Explained

Payroll outsourcing can take care of all of your payroll processing requirements leaving you with peace of mind.  Whether you call them a payroll bureau or payroll outsourcing company most will take away what is often considered an onerous task for companies.
What do they do? Well payroll outsourcing companies, or payroll bureaux, usually handle the complete payroll function from data entry, payroll processing, employee banking, producing payslips, reporting and filing IRD reports and payment to the IRD, leaving companies to get on with their core business.

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Uneasy about your payroll? You're not alone

There’s no doubt that some employers have an excellent payroll set up. They have spent the time understanding the legal requirements: The Holidays Act 2003, the KiwiSaver Act 2006, the Minimum Wages Act 1983, the Wages Protection Act1983, Employment Relations Act 2000, and, the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act1987. They have also been trained in the use of their software so that they make the correct calculations.They also have a backup person in case their payroll administrator is on leave.

However, for many employers this is a big ask.

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Sorting out casual employees

Maybe you have it all sorted. Here a  few suggestion for your checklist.

  • Learn more about
  • Definining casual workers,
  • Holiday pay & Holidays
  • Sick Leave

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Adjusting the Employee Time Clock for Daylight Saving

It is easy to change the time on your Lauranka Time Clock whether you have a Swipe Card terminal, or a Fingerscan Terminal using the Lauranka Time and Attendance software.

Just follow these easy 5 steps

  1. Ensure that the computer has the correct time
  2. On the Main Menu of the Lauranka Time and Attendance system select Comms.
  3. Select Terminal Setup
  4. Select Configure 
  5. Select Download
Congratulations you have now updated the time on your Fingerscan or Swipe Card terminal!

When can you make deductions from wages?

Generally deductions cannot  be made from an employee's wages, except in the following circumstances:
  • employee has given their written consent
  • provided for in employment agreement
  • court directs that deduction can be made
  • union fees
  • bargaining fee arrangement
  • deductions required by law (e.g. child support payment)
  • collective agreements can set out deductions
  • if board or lodging are provided (15%for board or 5% for lodging)

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Welcome changes to PAYE

Most employees will be looking forward to PAYE tax reductions that are coming up. They will take effect on the first payment day after October 1st 2010

  • For Income up to $14,000 the rate reduces from 12.5% to 10.5%
  • For Income up to $48,000 the rate reduces from 21.0% to 17.5%
  • For Income up to $70,000 the rate reduces from 33% to 30%
  • For Income over $70,000 the rate reduces from 38% to 33%

Please note that there is no change to the ACC Levy of 2% which is in addition to the above rates.

If you are one of our payroll outsourcing clients...don't worry we will take care of all the details.

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